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TripVista Dining | 3 of The Best Restaurants in The Bahamas

TripVista is committed to helping you have the best possible experience while in the Bahamas on your cruise, so we have put together a guide of your favorite activities.  Dining is always popular and our highest request for quality recommendations, so we have put together our list of the top restaurants on Grand Bahama island .  We have linked the name of each restaurant to their reviews page on TripAdvisor so you can get additional reviews.  Here is our favorite restraurants on Grand Bahama island:

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    Flying Fish– Located at Seahorse Road at Pelican Bay Hotel, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island – Flying fish is our highest rated restaurant by TripVista customers. It is the highest quality seafood experience you’ll be able to find.  Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  It is a very modern and upscale experience.  Their decor sets the tone of luxury with the attention to detail and commitment to quality.  The Chef Tim Tibbits and Rebecca Tibbits have an amazing reputation for their skill and creativity.

  2. Coral Reef Beach Bar – Located Coral Beach Hotel and Condos | South End of Coral Road at the Beach, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island – If you are looking for something tasty and affordable, this is a great lunch location.  It offers some of the finest BBQ on the island.  They are known for the Texas style BBQ and Cajun.  If you are in the need of the perfect Happy Hour location, this is it. Happy Hour goes daily from 5-7.   Perfect place to meet up after a day at the beach or out Snorkeling.   If you are looking for a good beach to visit, this beach area is free with lots of parking options.
  3. Billy Joe’s On the Beach– Located at Lucaya, Freeport- Highest rated place on the island for amazing atmosphere. Come join the island lifestyle with this laid back Bahamas grill.  Excellent choice for families with children.  It has the local feel but offers great food and service.  This grill hBilly Joe's Bahama Grillas you typical chicken sandwich, burger and fries, but you’ll remember their authentic flavors and relaxing atmosphere and want to come back.
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Andy Summers

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