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Traveling can be a chore, or an amazing experience. In order to ensure that your trip is unforgettable in a good way, there are a few basic tips to follow. The first thing to remember is that it is important to travel with people you get along with. This might seem simultaneously obvious and only marginally important, but traveling is not all roses and sunny skies. Ideally you’ll have an awesome vacation (and some vacations, such as cruises, tend to be more stress free than others), but there will inevitably be bumps in the road along the way. This is especially true if the road is literally a road. Road trips have a lot more variables than air, train or ship travel, largely because you’re 100% responsible if something goes wrong with the vehicle.

So, travel with someone you don’t just tolerate, but actually like and get along with a lot. Common interests as well as common strategies for dealing with interpersonal issues are important. Traveling completely alone is actually easier than doing so with a tiresome companion. In addition to an amicable traveling buddy, you’ll need a sense of humor. If you don’t handle stress well, or tend to panic when bad things happen, this could be problematic. Traveling tends to have a good deal of variables, and things that must be coped with on the fly. TSA, toll roads and overbooked hotels are just the beginning.

Pack appropriate to the situation. If you know you’ll be hauling the suitcase a lot, pack light. This is especially true if you’ll be in a developed area, and triply true if you will have ready access to laundry facilities. If you’re planning on being highly mobile, only bring what you can carry easily. Even rolling suitcases should be small, since they don’t always roll as well as you’d like them to (and dirt, stairs and other circumstances often prevent rolling). If you’re sure to be in one place a lot or far away from civilization (such as car camping with daily excursions), packing heavier is more acceptable.

Pack money wisely. This means having a wallet with enough for the day, but a larger stash somewhere else. The main money stash should be on your person, under clothing. Since you won’t need access to it except at the end of the day, to stock the wallet for the next day, it doesn’t need to be easily accessible. Don’t keep money in suitcases or anything that can be set down, lost, stolen, broken open or otherwise compromised.

By following these simple tips, you can save time and energy for actually enjoying the vacation. Trip Vista Cruises are particularly suited for this, as they combine the adventure of seeing the world with the comfort of having a permanent cabin as a base camp for each night. Stress on a Trip Vista Bahamas cruise tends to be at a minimum, as you simply enjoy the wonderful journey.


By Andy Summers

Andy Summers

Andy Summers

Andy Summers grew up in the tourist town of Miami, Florida where he developed an affinity for travel. Tourism consumed most of his life and he loved it. Starting off working at a hotel and interacting with excited travelers made him want to see the beautiful places they told him about. After completing his degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, he was able to land his dream job managing Trip Vista travel agency.

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