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Bahama Vacations

Bahama Outdoor Activities

Posted on: 5 years ago

The Bahamas are a great place for outdoor activities. The country lies firmly in the tropics and as such is filled with plenty of beautiful greenery and ocean vistas. Because of this it is a great place to practice any number of outdoor activities. Many of the outdoor activities in…

A Little History

Posted on: 5 years ago

The SS Sapona was a concrete ship that wrecked in the Bahamas. Concrete is heavy, and would seem to be a poor material for building ships. While it is true that steel or other metals are lighter, reinforced concrete is a cheap material with which to build. So, if a…

Bahamas 3

Posted on: 5 years ago

The Bahamas are an ideal place for a vacation. While much of the world’s tropical islands lie in third-world or war-torn areas, the Bahamas are relatively close to the United States, and boast a well-developed economy and infrastructure. Much of the economy is based around tourism, and for good reason…

Bahamas 2

Posted on: 5 years ago

The Bahamas are a wonderful place for a vacation, or retirement home. A paradise on Earth, the Bahamas have a little something for everyone. Many of these attractions involve water – being either  in on or around it. From sailing to scuba diving, from paragliding to snorkeling, water is the…


Posted on: 5 years ago

The Bahamas are a great place for a vacation. From clear water to blue skies, the islands provide a sense of peace not found in the midst of the city. Beachgoers can enjoy a warm breeze while gazing out over the water, and in that moment, time often seems to…

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